Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

We dream of communities:

  • with rising levels of prosperity;
  • where employment and decent housing are accessible by all;
  • where health outcomes are excellent;
  • where vibrant community life emerges from diversity; and,
  • where all show compassion to those who are in need.

Our Mission

Specifically, our mission entails:

  • Providing ladders for climbing from poverty into prosperity;
  • Improving health outcomes;
  • Integrating with and creating synergies for existing faith-based organizations and social family service programs;
  • Creating and sustaining public-private partnerships;
  • Expanding the supply of affordable housing; and,
  • Encouraging and assisting commercial development.

Our Key Values

It’s Personal

Everyone that works with us and for us is personally involved in the lives of our community. We live in the tension as our communities grow.

Never Leave the Table

We are committed to the integrity of the process which includes excellence in financial, legal, and governance.


We pursue the disconnected and bring them into relationship.

Build Bridges, not Armies

An ethic of inclusion, diversity, and justice.


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