Current Initiatives

Our initiatives are born out of our neighbors demand for a place to earn, learn, and belong. We are always looking for more ways to collaborate and build prosperity in our communities.

Rockwood Community Development Corporation

Rockwood is Oregon’s poorest large community. We work with our neighbors to make it a place for everyone to earn, learn, and belong.

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East County Community Health

ECCH is a permanent, self-sustaining team that improves the health outcomes of East Multnomah County. We are a diverse group of Community Health Workers (CHWs) that are led by a professional staff, and are integrated into the Community Development Corporation of Oregon’s networks.

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East County Housing

Formed in 2021, East County Housing works to improve access to economical, safe and affordable housing in East Multnomah County.

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East County Business Bridge

Connecting entrepreneurs to mentors, money, and markets

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Sunrise Center and Kitchen

A place that matters to entrepreneurs, churches, and families. The hub for our other initiatives and home within Rockwood.

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Rockwood Food Systems Collaborative

We use food, nutritional education, business incubation, and agricultural development to help our neighbors attain better health outcomes, greater equity, and more prosperity.

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Oregon Community Capital

We exist to raise capital and invest it in Oregon’s Opportunity Zones. We bring capital to under-invested communities so that investors earn returns and our neighbors benefit.

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Past Initiatives

These initiatives are those that have found success and have been spun out to our community members where they can be run sustainably and locally.

Shalom Rockwood Network


A Shalom Network of churches is a diverse collaborative of 43 faith-communities. They share resources and initiatives connect our neighbors together.

Successfully spun out to a diverse, local leadership team in 2018.

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Legal Aid Clinic

In 2018, we developed the model for a legal aid clinic. In 2019, a group of Shalom Network Churches used elements of our model, which grew into Immigrant Connection PDX which launched with the formal support of the Department of Justice.

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